Akemi (朱実, Akemi) is a young 15-year old thief girl, living with her mother Oko and selling any weapons they gather from battlefields. She wanted to leave with Takezo, but instead went with Matahachi and Oko to Kyoto, where she became Seijuro's woman.


She is young short girl with shoulder-length black hair and wears a kimono.


She is usually quiet and doesn't talk much. She also seems to like Takezo and wanted to go with him.


While gathering weapons from the battle, she found Takezo and Matahachi and brought them to her house. Once both of them got better, Oko suggested one of them to marry Akemi and asked her which one she prefers, but she didn't reply.

Later she was gathering mushrooms with Takezo and upon noticing he collecting only poisonous ones, she removed them from the basket. She also wondered why he don't ask questions like Matahachi was doing. She revealed that they are thieves and collect weapons from battlefield to sell them later. In that moment Tenma showed up and upon seeing it, she threw a rock at him. Takezo stopped her before she threw a second one and she revealed that he was the one who killed her father. Tenma told Akemi to warn Oko, to not go and gather weapons from the battlefield. After the later battle with Tenma and his death, they had to leave in order to not be killed by his brother.

They went in Kyoto, where Oko opened and inn and became a prostitute. Akemi was spending a lot of days with Yoshioka Seijuro and eventually became his lover. After Takezo now know as Musashi, fought with the Seijuro and killed him, she found Musashi on a river side. She stated that Musashi was foolish to abandon his life with her, then stabs him in the stomach, saying that she is Seijuro's woman and then throws herself in the river.

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