Young and well kept.


Inshun Hozoin is depicted as a very confident (perhaps even conceited) martial artist of the Hozoin Temple.

Being designated as the next leader of the school, Inshun Hozoin is also shown as very commanding, respected and even feared, sternly ordering other students to silence when a duel is in progress (as opposed to gosspiping and chattering about what they are seeing) as it is disrespectful.  His words to his fellow students were, "Silence! Your idle chatter disgraces the name of the Hozoin!".


In the manga Vagabond, as a young child Inshun Hozoin was walking with his mother through the forrest.  A stranger then began to rape her infront of young Inshun and he could do nothing about it.  His father later appearing, fought with the rapist, but they had both succumbed to wounds and died.  Now an orphan, Inshun was taken in by Inei Hozoin, who trained Inshun in the way of fighting with the Hozoin style of using the staff.

Many years later, Miyamoto Musashi ventured to the Hozoin Temple.  He wished to find out if he was strong and a capable fighter.  Asking Inshun Hozoin if he could call himself strong if winning the battle, Inshun Hozoin replied with, "If you beat me, you can call yourself the best."  Upon battling Miyamoto Musashi in a dual, Inshun Hozoin had won, causing Miyamoto Musashi to run away.

Inshun surpassed the other students as he was designated as the next in line to take leadership of the Hozoin temple.  Inshun Hozoin was uncontested in duals with a staff.  However, Inei Hozoin (the current leader of the Hozoin), knew that he still lacked experience in real life and death fights.

Knowing this, Inei Hozoin trained Miyamoto Musashi to again fight Inshun to a dual of the death.  A rematch was later had, only this time Miyamoto Musashi had defeated Inshun Hozoin.


Miyamoto Musashi (left) and Inshun Hozoin (right)

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