Takuan Sōhō
Japanese Name:
Romanized Name:
First Appearance:
Affiliations: None
Occupations: Monk
Status: Alive
Strong points: Very smart



Takuan is known for his brute honesty and meticulously perceptive personality, which was sought after by monks, swordsmen, and politicians alike (such as Tokugawa Iemitsu and Go-Mizunoo). Takuan's shared correspondence with Yagyu Munenori was captured in a treatise called "The Unfettered Mind."


(1573-1645) A Zen Buddhist monk, specifically, representative of the Rinzai sect. In 1610, he was appointed as abbot of the main temple, Daitokuji. Takuan helps capture Takezo and later renames him as Miyamoto Musashi, setting him free to travel and evolve as a person.


It is said that in real life, Takuan invented the dish also called "Takuan".  A yellow pickled radish popular in Japanese and South Korean dishes.


Japanese and South Korean side dish Takuan. A yellow pickled radish said to have been created by a monk of the same name.

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